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TeamMetrics is a free online survey/tool where you can measure the team morale or motivation. The morale might be the better choice for a retrospective. TeamMetrics can be a good and different way to collect input for a team retrospective. After you have filled out the survey, you can see your individual score and once the whole team has answered you can also see the team score against all other teams who have taken the test.



  • Easy to fill out the survey, few questions and we like the way it’s using sliders instead of number scales.
  • May give surprises in the team as it’s a different view from other Retrospectives.
  • You can compare your team with the other teams who have answered the survey and TeamMetrics have been around for many years so they have a good base to compare with.


  • The result might not be a surprise for anyone in the team.
  • It might be difficult to identify actions.
  • It might be difficult to see all the good that still happens in the team.
  • Repeating the survey too often may “irritate” the team, especially if there is no major difference in the scoring.

Duration: Up to 1 hour


  • Create a survey at TeamMetrics
  • Distribute the link to the team members asking for their answers before the retrospective meeting
  • Once all surveys are answered, or at the deadline, close the survey.


  • Discuss the result and the scoring of the different questions.
  • Identify if the team can do anything to improve bad scores and what the team should continue doing with the best scores.
  • Remember to identify actions to make sure the team improves.
  • Agree with the team if the survey should be repeated at a later date to see if anything has improved. If so, then remember to keep the link for your survey.